Founding Members

Allison Dyer & Alicia Houston

Allison Dyer (Accounting Professional) and Alicia Houston (Organizational Professional) came together as a result of successful strategizing for the optional choice of the New Hampshire School Districts to meet instructional hours (5 days per week) and include a full-time in person model for those students who wished to utilize that, as well as advocating for the continuation of the full-time remote learning option for the families who wished to choose that option. As the former Spokeswomen for the Facebook Group, Nashua Parent Voice, it was a quick realization that the obstacles they worked to overcome were historical issues that worked in a revolving pathway.

After 11 months of researching, grassroot outreach to elected officials and residents, as well a media engagement through WMUR, The Union Leader, WBZ Boston, NH Journal, and more, the main issue that became abundantly clear to them, was the lack of transparency and notice to the Gate City Community when involving local board meetings for the aldermen and education community, the committee meetings for additional subtopics, and even the state representatives elected to vote for their constituents.

On or about February 2021, Allison and Alicia collaborated once again, to create the @keepingnashuainformed Facebook Group, and are now welcoming you into the final branch of their strategy.

Welcome to Keeping Nashua Informed, we are so blessed to have you here!

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